After a weekend of fun and a Sunday chill outfit, you will have a new start to the week on Monday. Don't feel like putting on tights on Monday morning? Start the week chill with a casual outfit. An off-shoulder pullover is the perfect candidate for this. Comfortable and chill. Yet an off-shoulder sweater has the elegant touch that a v-neck or round neck sweater does not have. The bare neck and shoulders are accentuated. If you wear an elegant necklace party with this, it will stand out even more. An off-shoulder fit is very suitable for ladies who have wide hips and less broad shoulders. By emphasizing your upper body, it remains in balance with the lower body. In addition, the horizontal line of the sweater gives a wider effect. This way, top and bottom are in balance, with a beautiful waist in between!

Do you have broader shoulders and a narrower lower body, the so-called 'inverted triangle' figure? Then this top may be less suitable for you. Choose a top that does not draw attention to your shoulders. This could be, for example, a blouse or v-neck pullover.


The pleated skirt is very suitable for the office. The length and fit make the skirt very elegant. That gives a nice contrast with the color and folded fabric, which provide a funky touch. The vertical lines in the skirt make you look optically longer, who wouldn't want that? A bodysuit is a good item to combine with a pleated skirt. Wearing a bodysuit creates a nicer v-neck than a normal top can do. Which color pleated skirt do you choose?


Maxi dress, maxi cute. A maxi dress is an item that you can wear in summer and winter. This season you can style a maxi dress in different ways. For example, wear these with high-knee boots. This way, no bare skin shows through the slit that gives you goosebumps on your legs. To prevent this, you could also combine the dress with leather leggings, black turtleneck and boots. This way you create a cool look. You can create a different outfit by combining the dress with skinny jeans and black block heels. Wear a black leather jacket with this and give the outfit an elegant touch. IN SHORT: The options are endless. The advantage of a maxi dress is that it is super comfortable and you also steal the show with a striking outfit!


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