Our first boutique opened in 2018 on the Oude Binnenweg in Rotterdam. We are located in this bustling street
between various catering establishments and other boutiques. In the store you will get an impression of our different styles
in clothing as well as in home items. Walk around, don't forget to take a look at the jewelry boutique while you
In the meantime, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from our in-house barista!


After living alone in Rotterdam for a number of years, we moved to pleasant Breda. We have in
Our second boutique opened on the renovated Houtmarkt in the spring of 2020. This boutique is a franchise run by Dafna de Vries. Surrounded by other stores such as Dstrezzed, Rituals and Brandfield, we feel completely at home here. When you walk into the boutique,
it is noticeable that we are trying to create a different atmosphere then honor in Rotterdam. With a slightly more modern vibe and different
color combinations, it is definitely worth taking a look here and getting advice from our stylists
in the boutique.