(Note: from October to January the agenda for color analyzes is closed. From January we will be happy to help you with the search for your best colors!)

Curious about which color suits you best? Which colors can you choose for your perfect outfit?

Or which colors suit you best? Then choose this extensive color analysis!

What does this color analysis entail?

  • The undertone is determined. Are you a warm or cool type?
  • Is it better to wear gold or silver?
  • Which season type do you fall under?
  • What are your basic colors?
  • In which colors outside the seasonal palette do you shine?
  • Which color combinations are best to choose within an outfit?
  • Is it best to wear bright or muted colors?
  • And all your own questions about color will be answered!
The color analysis takes +/- 1.5 hours. At the end of the color analysis you will receive a card (credit card size) with your seasonal colors on it.
You can keep this in your wallet and take it with you when shopping.
You will also receive a detailed analysis by email 1 week after your color analysis.
This also includes your base and accent colors and answers to your questions!
Please note: after completing the payment you will receive an appointment link by email! This appointment takes place at the UNC Wardrobe office (Eendrachtsstraat 150, 3012XR Rotterdam) and is only possible on Tuesday to Thursday from 09:00 to 17:00. Are you prevented? Please reschedule or cancel the appointment 12 hours in advance. Are you too late for this? Then 50% of the total amount will be charged.