The mid-length dress with a belt. Popular for so many reasons. Let's start with the fact that this fit accentuates every body type at its best. The dress emphasizes the slimmest part of the body, the waist. The fabric flows smoothly from the waist. Women who want to hide a belly can use this dress to accentuate the right body parts and mask desired body parts.

Another advantage of this dress, which is also very applicable to the 'casual Friday' outfit, is the fact that you can style the dress both chic and casual. But how? Here it comes: On Friday during the day you can wear the dress closed. Style the outfit with high knee boots and a necklace party. This way you look professional at work. Are you going to celebrate the weekend after work? Or do you just want to go casually on the street? Then unbutton the dress at the bottom. Wear jeans underneath and possibly a turtleneck. Combine the outfit with cool boots and voila! You have transformed your outfit from chic to casual. Let's celebrate the weekend in style.


Are you the type who goes all in with glitter, sequins and beads during the holidays or do you prefer to keep it subtle? With an all-in dress you will steal the show during the holidays. But don't rule out the simpler looks! There's beauty in simplicity. Plus, you can wear a dress that doesn't scream 100% CHRISTMAS all year round. The Mille is a great example of a sophisticated but subtle party dress. The fabric contains a very, very, very subtle glitter. This way you get in the mood a bit.

Okay, so your party has scored your dress. How do you ensure that the rest of your look is Christmas-proof? It's the little elements that together can make a big difference to your outfit. Add lipstick or eyeliner to your makeup look where you normally wouldn't. A bit of glitter in your eye shadow or an extra bit of highlighter. Swap a flat shoe for a heel to make your look more festive. Your hair can also make a big difference. Of course it's always a good idea to add a jewelry party! Finally, a nice shoulder bag or clutch would be the perfect addition. This way you can transform a simple dress into a complete party look.


The 'Sunday chill' outfit is one of your favorites. Is this because after a week of dresses, you enjoy spending Sunday in lovely jeans? Anyway! These Macy flare jeans are a perfect pair of jeans to get through this day both chill and fashionable. The great thing about flare jeans is that the body is beautifully balanced by the wide legs. Do you want to hide a belly? Then choose flare jeans with a high waist. This draws attention to the wide legs. Combine the jeans with a heel. This way your legs appear even longer, which gives a slim effect.

What is the best way to style flare jeans? You can actually combine everything with flare jeans. During colder days, for example, you can opt for a turtleneck sweater with a large cardigan. You are nice and slim from the front. The vest masks any tummy on the side. You could also style a large cardigan with flare jeans. You could then possibly wear a belt at your waist to accentuate your slimmest part. Are you broke on Sunday morning? Throw in a hat. This way you don't have to think about your hair and you still look mega stylish.


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