ODE TO THE TURTLE SWEATER. One of the biggest must-haves in a woman's wardrobe. The turtleneck is a great item to combine with a blazer and is also 100% office-proof. Why? The lines of a blazer form a v-neck. The round neck of a turtleneck sweater goes well with this. A v-neck shirt under a v-neck blazer is a double v-neck. In addition, combining these garments creates a very elegant yet powerful appearance. Do you choose a common color such as black or white? Or do you prefer a pop or color crewneck? Everything is possible! As long as you feel optimal in your outfit.


Let's take a moment to appreciate this blouse. What's so nice about this blouse? Of course we cannot ignore these sleeves. The puff element does the blouse a lot of good. The ends of the blouse are elegantly finished with a fitted cuff. Do you show in the workplace that beautiful pink is absolutely not ugly? The shiny fabric and good fit provide a chic look. You can combine this blouse with beautifully fitted trousers and a radiant necklace party.


SATIN SKIRT FEVER. This skirt is perfect. the shiny satin fabric and flared fit create an elegant look. Your feminine shapes are accentuated by the fitted fabric on the hips and buttocks. Due to the high-waist fit, this skirt is suitable for every body type and the waist appears nice and slim. If you're wondering how you can rock a pair of high boots with any outfit, this is it! Then you don't have to wear tights anymore, which is a bonus. Oh by the way, do you want to style your skirt with a sweater but don't want to stuff the thick fabric into your skirt and then see it through the fabric? Then here's a handy tip: Let the sweater hang loose over the skirt and place a belt at your waist. Then pull the sweater up so that the bottom of the sweater is still in the belt. Now puff the sweater so that it falls naturally and VOILÀ: your sweater fits fantastic and your skirt fits nicely!


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