A Danish top, you immediately feel it. The quality and comfort of a thin yet affordable fabric. December is the glitter month, we all know that. We would prefer to wear glitter tops all year round. Well good news, that is absolutely possible! It's a shame to invest in a beautiful top that you only wear on December 24, right? The key is to style your look in such a way that the glitter is a sophisticated and stylish addition. But how do you do that? And when do you put on a top like that? Initially, it is important that you do exactly what you feel good about. If you're still wondering what to do with such a top, here are some tips. There are different situations in which you can wear such a top.

The most obvious is a night out. You could perfectly combine the top with a skirt, for example a black denim skirt. Style your outfit with a pair of heels, a shoulder bag and statement earrings and your party look is a fact!

A glitter top is also perfect for a casual look. Combine your top with boyfriend jeans and boots, for example. Throw a cool leather jacket over it and you're good to go. The advantage of a leather jacket is that it radiates power and can be worn almost anywhere. So worth investing in.

You can also add glitter to your outfit for special occasions. If you don't want your look to scream Christmas, style your outfit with simple, sophisticated items. For example, choose black trousers with a black blazer. wear a subtle ear-party and an elegant heel.

Finally, of course, the outfit for which this top is more suitable than ever: CHRISTMAS! Go all in with this look. Shimmering eye shadow, eyeliner and a pleated skirt. Go big or go home; wear beautiful glitter heels underneath! Add a load of jewelry and complete the look with a lipstick. A pleated skirt is also handy, so you can eat your way through Christmas and no one will see!


The biggest phenomenon in the fashion industry: the minimalist black dress, or the 'LBD'; Litte Black Dress. A wardrobe without an LBD is incomplete. How many do you have hanging there? The origins of the popularity of this phenomenon go back a long way. Although the design had existed for some time, Chanel put the black dress on the map. More than 90 years ago she introduced the beauty of a minimalist black dress. After the Second World War, Christian Dior added the wasp waist; the 'New Look' in which women's shapes and waist were accentuated. The black color of the LBD made the waist appear even slimmer.

Today, the Little Black Dress is still as popular and timeless as it always was. The wrap fit of the Mitsy dress accentuates the waist as it once made history. The fabric is shiny and fits perfectly around the body. A nice detail is the start of the sleeve. Finally, the ruffles at the bottom are the right addition to complete the dress. Style the dress with elegant jewelry. You can also combine a leather jacket or a black turtleneck with this LBD.


At the Sunday Chill we throw a sweater into the mix! Of course, pajamas and slippers are the go-to outfit for Sunday afternoon. But if, exceptionally, you want to wear something that you can take out on the street, choose the sweater-blazer combination. Mega comfortable and still quite chic. The sweater-blazer combo is very popular in men's fashion. Love it when women take a men's trend and rock it like never before.

Complete your look with a good pair of boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers. Own the casual vibe completely on a Sunday afternoon. What really completes your look? Simple: earphones in and music on play. You'll be back to work on Monday, but today it's all about chilling.


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