Well... how long do we have to wait before we can go on holiday 'normally' again? Nobody knows! At least we have a temporary answer to that. Because why wait for a holiday when you can have the same feeling by putting on a lovely summer outfit! Here are the best 6 outfits:

1. The cropped blouse

Wonderfully casual & perfect for the terraces that are open again! Combine the blouse with white jeans and cool colored sandals and possibly a statement bag.

2. The feel-good dress

Who wouldn't be happy with a floral print?! After lying in the sun in your garden all day and getting a tan, you can stroll in the evening in one of these dresses! Also ideal during the day with a nice sandal or even slippers!

3. The 'pop of colour' trousers

Combine it with a more basic top and you can stroll along the boulevard... or streets in the center! And who knows, maybe one day you will go to a festival and wear these pants with a bralette!

4. The 'co-ord' look

A 'co-ord' look looks very chic, but secretly this is a wonderfully easy look! Now nice to wear together as a dress. In autumn and winter the blouse is nice with jeans and in summer you can wear the skirt with a simple t-shirt.

5. The blouse dress

A blouse dress is a good investment. Whether it's winter, summer or spring, you can always wear this dress! In the spring you can combine it with skinny jeans and a lace singlet. In the summer you can throw this blouse over your bikini when you order your wine on the terrace.

6. The wrap dress

Of course, one outfit should not be missing from this list: the wrap dress! And lucky you, the summer collection of our own brand 'Dash of Daring' contains incredibly nice wrap dresses in a fantastic fabric.


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