The wrap dress: endless variations in fit, length and especially PRINT! In recent years, the wrap dress has become an indispensable part of women's wardrobes. There is more and more experimentation with the appearance and styling. Lately, dresses no longer guarantee a 'troela' vibe. Add a pair of platform Dr.Martens and an oversized leather jacket to your dress and you will look anything but sullen. Contrasting different vibes makes your look interesting. The way you style your look determines the overall picture. This way you can wear a wrap dress to the office, but also to a festival. Multifunctional, ideal! Would you like to know more benefits of the wrap dress? Okay it's coming! BO-DY CURVES. The fabric wraps around your body and emphasizes your hips. Because the dress flows from the waist down, your body looks beautiful. At UNC. the wrap dress is very popular. Take the Lucie wrap dress for example. Great fit and cool print!


This weekend is the weekend before Christmas. So we leave the tights, glitter and tight dresses hanging in our closet. Today we're going on the comfy tour. What better way than with a long cardigan that hugs you nicely. To make the look a bit chic, you can combine it with a lace top. Thanks to the loose fit, you don't have to worry about how it fits. The lace at the top attracts attention and emphasizes your décolleté. The long cardigan is the ultimate chill item. How do you further style your look? For example, with a pair of cool boots and a hat. Is not it nice?


Are you also one of those cold people who prefers warmth to 'looking cute'? Me, too. Are we lucky that you don't actually have to choose at all? With the right items you can create a look that is both warm and cute. Essential number 1: a turtleneck. Of course, a turtleneck in itself is very nice. It is also a good basis for an outfit with a little more detail. For example, combine with essential number 2: a cardigan with buttons. The semi-loose fit and ribbed fabric gives the cardigan a vintage look. Do you already have one?


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