Panty season has arrived! The first look consists of a mid-length skirt that reaches just above the knees. The skirt consists of an artificial leather fabric in a pleated model. This model and version will make you look neat enough at work to have a sophisticated look, but with the unique touch that makes you stand out. The belt is adjustable in all sizes, making this skirt suitable for every body shape and size. You can complete the look with a black turtleneck and black boots. This is how you create a strong look. If you prefer a more 'casual' look, you can wear a sweater in the skirt. And finally, something we can't say often enough: complete your look with a jewelry party. In this case, a beautiful necklace party is exactly what you need to get that extra touch of wow.


Hello power woman! You set the tone with this blazer dress. You are beautiful, powerful and charming all in one. This dress is very suitable for creating a professional appearance at work and accentuating your femininity. You can pair your blazer dress with black tights and heels. An extra addition to this dress could be a waist belt. This accentuates the waist and hips. If you are blessed with a long body, the dress may be on the short side. But don't worry, leather leggings or thicker tights will solve that! Oh yes, and a necklace party fits perfectly into the picture.


This look is an absolute favorite. Do you sometimes catch yourself pulling out that black dress rather than the colored one? This colorful outfit makes you shine in a dark season. The advantage of this outfit is that the skirt and sweater are the same color. That is a monochromatic color combination. A what? This is simply an outfit consisting of items in the same color shade. Very popular! This way you maintain a sophisticated look and still stand out that extra bit. The skirt flares a little at the bottom, so it does not fit completely. This fit gives your outfit a chic touch. Of course, the outfit is suitable to combine with tights and heels. But tall boots would also compliment this look. And a small advantage: no pantyhose needed!


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