Marjolein Meijdam

Posted on July 13 2016

Looking for the perfect sunglass to hit the beach or to match your festival outfit? Then meet the Supa Sundays sunglasses. These Australian designer eyeware are made for those who are wild and free. The sunglasses are designed to be striking statement pieces, which expresses itself in names like: Honky Tonk, Black Velvet Crush, Afterglow or the Maximilian. 

Getting on a plane to a summer getaway? Don't forget to pack your Crazy English Summer sunglass or make the other festival visitors turn green with envy because of your Ivy Green Velvet sunglass. 

Sunglasses (Supa Sundays, Honky Tonk): €45,00
All Supa Sundays sunglasses are €45,00 


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