Figure styling

Do you already know what your body shape is?
Although no one has exactly the same body, there are a few basic characteristics that ensure that you can roughly describe what kind of body you have. These characteristics do not have much to do with fat, as they are based on your bone structure. Often you won't fall into just one category, so don't limit yourself to one figure! The key is to know which body parts fit into which category and how to use them. Take it for what it should be: a rough guide and a starting point for your styling adventure!

Why is knowing your figure so important?

Everyone likes balanced objects and images. It brings peace and is pleasant for your eyes. By creating a balance in your body, your outfits will also visually stand out better. Whether you are a pear or an apple; balance is key!
By knowing your own figure you know what works well for you. For example, you know whether you should choose pants with a high waist or with a lower waist to emphasize your best parts. So this is a great way to use fashion. With the right fits you can emphasize the most beautiful parts of your body, while also masking other desired parts.
By consciously looking at the right colors and fits, you ensure that you do not recklessly buy items in the hope that there is a gem among them, only to be disappointed. You will try on the garments, study them and determine when they are the perfect fit; love it. So it is the best way to save time, money and overconsumption!

This is how you determine your body shape

The most reliable way to determine your body shape is to measure it. This is not necessarily about the centimeters, but rather about the proportions of your body. This way you always have your measurements ready for possible purchases you make online, so grab the measuring tape and start measuring!
Keep your arms close to your sides. The measuring tape should fit snugly against the body, but be careful not to pull it too tight. This is the only way to get the right sizes.
This is how you measure the following parts of your body:

the Body Shapes

Below you can see the four different body shapes. Which body shape do you think suits you best?


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